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How it Works


You need to have a SimplyTapp card credential on your mobile device to test.

To get a card credential, get the Tapp app from the play store or run through the Self Driven HCE Pilot


But How does it work?

SimplyTapp's e-Merchant checkout is simple. Install the checkout just as you would most other online checkouts and the next time a customer checks out with the SimplyTapp Checkout feature you same money while the consumer saves time.

Step 1 - Install SimplyTapp Checkout button

Step 2 - Check Out - User fills basket and clicks the SimplyTapp Checkout button.

Step 3 - Personal Payment Options Selected - User is redirected to their personal wallet where they select a payment card to use.

Step 4 - Check Out Complete - User is directed back to the e-Merchant's checkout page or a page of their choose with a completed card present transaction.

It is that simple.

Who Can Benefit.