Make a Mobile Payment Application


Step 1 - Become an SimplyTapp Developer - Sign up to become an app developer. You can do this by adding developer functionality to your existing account by logging inand creating your first mobile application profile.

Step 2 - Name Application - Give your soon-to-be mobile application a name. 

Step 3 - Application Logo - Give your application a visual identity by uploading a 64x64 png image. You can use this one:                                    

                 (hint: right click and save the image)

Step 4 - Create Application - Click the "Create App" button and you will see a new developer button to the left toolbar of your Accounthome screen.

Step 5 - Explore Developer Features - Click on the developer tab and expand your new developer app (click the triangle on the right of it).

Step 6 - Populate Callback - Now you need to populate a callback field to be unique for the app on the handset. You can make this value i.e.:

  • x-oauthflow://st_oauth_callback_YOUR_APP_NAME

Step 7 - Save Changes -Click the "Save Changes" button.

Step 8 - Save Values - Make a note of the values (copy the values somewhere) in "App Key" and "App Secret" fields. These values are need to personalize your app.

Step 9 - Update Android SDK - You will need the Android SDK that supports Android 4.4 (API19) or higher. If you don't have Android SDK  than this is out of the scope of this document.

Step 10 - Download and unpack the SimplyTapp Mobile SDK - Mobile SDK

Step 11 - Configure your IDE: - Detailed instructions for both Android Studio, Eclipse and the command line are available in the README.txt found in the root directory of the MobileSDK archive.

Step 12a - Build and run the app unmodified with the default App Key and App Secret and device call back


Step 12b - Edit the Issuer, app key/secret and callback in the code and then build/run. - 

Select which of the two available test apps you will use Tapp or SingleCard 

Fields for change can be located in the Class (MoblieSdk->Tapp/Singlecard->src->com->simplytapp->oauth->Constants) for the Tapp app or Constants for the SingleCard app:

Replace the text below with the issuer App Id noted in Preparing to Create a Virtual Payment Card

  •  public static final String ISSUER_ID =("replace this text with an issuer id"); *Tapp app only

Replace the text below with the developer's App Id and App Secret noted in step 5 above

  • public static final String CONSUMER_KEY="replace this text with the app id noted above"); 
  • public static final String CONSUMER_SECRET=("replace this text with the app secret noted above");

Replace the text below with the call back noted in step 6 above

  • public static final String OAUTH_CALLBACK_SCHEME =("replace this with the text before the :// of the callback url");
  • public static final String OAUTH_CALLBACK_HOST = ("replace this with the text after the :// of the callback url");

Also update the PrepareRequestTokenActivity inside the AndroidManfest.xml with the same values

  • android:scheme="text before ://" android:host="text after ://"

Go on to: Issuing the Card