Preparing to Create a Virtual Payment Card

Getting Setup: Create a Developer Account

To begin your pilot Sign Up For A Developer Account

The Developer account will give you access to the environment we will be using to create and manage the pilot.

Download Pre-Packaged Resources

This section contains a pre-packaged card sets and resources. To use, simply download the individual package and store locally. Keep the package in an easy accessible location as its contents will be utilized at at various steps as we progress.

SimplyTapp's implementation of Visa Cloud based payWave complete resources package Includes:

  Version-1.3 Change Log
  • Card agent
  • Card applet
  • Visa VCBP Card Personalization Data Doc.
  • Vcbp card based management scripts
  • STBridge.jar file
  • STBridge guide
  • Visa payWave icon (64x64 png)
Download now

SimplyTapp's implementation of MasterCard Mobile PayPass Complete resources package Includes:

Version-1.1 Change Log
  • Card agent
  • Card applet
  • MasterCard Remote MPP Card Personalization Data doc.
  • Mmpp card based management scripts
  • STBridge.jar file
  • STBridge guide
  • MasterCard paypass icon (64x64 png)
Download now

Becoming an Issuer and creating a CardBrand

To make a virtual cards that can be used by applications, you must become a card issuer and create a card brand to provided  distribution and the frame work for cards you will be generating.

*Sample resources are available "Pre-Package resources" in addition to the resources found at the individual steps.

Getting Started: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 - Sign Up - Become an Issuer by clicking Issuer Sign Up and log into your previously created developer account.

Note: After you sign in you will see the create an Issuing Entity screen

Step 2 - Name your Issuer -  Issuing Entity name should reflect your financial institution that would distribute cards.

Step 3 - Upload an Image - Give your "Issuing Entity" a visual identity by uploading a logo like:

                                                                (save the 64x64 png icon locally for use)

Step 4 - Click the "Create Entity" button. - When you create you issuing entity, you will be directed your developer account control panel and a new Tab called "Issuer" will appear in the right side control panel.

Now that you have created your first Issuing Entity, you can create your first Card Brand. The card brand is what users will see when using the application with the card credential inside of it. 

Step 5 - Expand the Issuer tab- Click on the issuer tab and expand your new issuer app details. (click the triangle on the right of it)

Step 6 - Populate a Access Token Callback - Now you need to populate a callback field. This allows the OAuth process to redirect back to the issuer's website after authorizing a new credential on SimplyTapp's website, in this case the payment card instance to be added to their application. Insert the the following  URL into the text field labeled Access Token Callback.


*SimplyTapp HCE architecture allows Issuers to use authentication of their choosing. Please refer to Authentication and Binding API for documentation. For this pilot example we are using OAuth1.0A.

Step 7 - Save Changes - Click the green Save App Changes button.

Step 8 - Make note of your Issuer Key, Issuer Secret and Issuer ID- Become familiar with the location of these values.

"Issuer ID" This is the issuer id you will need this for Make a mobile payment app
"Issuer Key" and "Issuer Secret" you will need these value  for Issuing the card

You have successfully created a new Issuing entity. The next steps deal with creating a specific card brand.

Step 9 - Add Card Brand - Click the blue "Add Brand" button on the lower right of the screen. The card brand contains three (3) text fields and three (3) file upload requests .

Step 10 - Name the Brand - Choose the type of card,Visa Cloud Based payWave and MasterCard Mobile PayPass,you wish to create and name accordingly. 

Step 11 - Give the Brand a Logo - Save icon (64x64 png) locally and then upload Card Brand Logo. An icon is also included in our prepackaged resources download.


Step 12 - Connect the URL - Fill in the Acquire Card URL text field with the URL for the Brand you are creating. This URL points to our demo bank page website where card personalization wizard starts and card creation is facilitated.

These pages are only for demo purposes, they are just wrappers to identify a user and to personalize the virtual card with STBridge for that user on the server side.  They are actually open sourced on GitHub (webApps -  The intention would be for an issuing entity provide the pages for the user to identify themselves and qualify for the card.

  •   Visa Cloud based payWave Acquire Card Url-

  • MasterCard Mobile PayPass Acquire Card Url-

Step 13 - Set the Applet Version - In the applet version text field, insert "1.0".

Step 14 - Upload Applet File -Upload your CardBrand specific Applet Jar (.jar) file and your Agent Jar (.jar) file from the PrePackage Resource Download.

Step 15 - Create the Brand - Click the "Create Brand" button.

At this point your new card spec is successfully housed in the SimplyTapp Credential Matrix and ready to be distributed to mobile apps.

Step 16 - Make Note of Your CardBrand ID- Make note of the "Card Brand ID" field value is used for it for Issuing the card.

Go on to: Make a mobile payment app. 

Issuer SDK

Unlike the two pre-packaged card sets available for download, our Issuer SDK offers complete customization for all your credential creation needs. It gives you the tools to adjust the pre-packaged card sets or create your own applets and agents from scratch.