Using Admin Api Console

To get started using the Admin Api Console you will need SimplyTapp user account-

Sign in SimplyTapp developer console Once signed in setup an "Issuer Entity" account
Issuer Entity requires a logo (64x64.png) and issuer name for the setup process. Click submit when field requirements are satisfied.
Once your Issuer entity is created , click the triangle on the issuer bar to see the configuration 
settings for the issuer.  Click the "Add Brand" button in the configuration settings to expand 
the configuration to add a new brand.

For this demo, enter the following values in the card brand you are creating:
Card Brand Name VCBP
Card Brand Logo-choose a logo(64x64.png) for the logo button  (there is a logo you can use in the download below)
 Acquire card url-  enter "none", it won't be important for this demo
 Applet version- 1.0
Applet Jar and Agent Jar files- Upload applet and agent available in this download package:
Click "Create Brand"

Your new Card Brand is created. Make note of the following values from this page:

Issuer Consumer Key:  D4MYiDaVEYngR2Ib4Wbge2Cgp7n81OcH7UJ8PHPF
Issuer Consumer Secret:  ZRg6UgOrDAuUzVc9CrHMQSTaXEc4zgqTQPIvizJK
Brand Id:  427
Hash value:  aa4185c2364048447a38aa02499a9897

Next you will need to create your mobile application developer key and secret, see link:
Enter an app name and logo(64x64png) and click submit.  
Click the triangle expand the next page and make note of these values:

Mobile App Consumer Key:  oJmqoey7I97FBOZQDXoH0A9RbM7BciXbD8CHZDMU
Mobile App Consumer Secret:  ugTD5dGjBUEC1pyzxjMNtw6k9TUocGtY4plta9he

To continue download  and unpack the Issuer SDK and Mobile SDK.
Issuer SDK (The Admin Api Console is inside the Issuer SDK)
Mobile SDK (SimplestTapp is inside Mobile SDK)

After you have unpacked the issuer SDK, From the command line:
 cd into the IssuerSdkBundle directory. 
execute ./gradlew clean build
cd into the AdminApiConsole/build/libs project directory.
execute: java -jar AdminApiConsole.jar

Once the Admin Api is launched and running enter the values you collected above into the form that is presented:
The STBridge local path field should be the full path the the STBridge.jar utility in your IssuerSdkBundle, for example:
Then click "Ok"

 Use the GUI to first create a new wallet by clicking "Create New Wallet"
Fill in the form.
Wallet Alias: choose any name 
Email: SimplyTapp user account login email  
Password: SimplyTapp user account login password 
click "Create New Wallet"

Next, click "Create New Card" that will go into this wallet
Enter the Brand Id for the card brand you created above and press "Create New Card"

Next, click "Administer Card XXXX"
because we are using a VCBP card in this demo, click the checkbox for "Do Visa CBP Perso", and fill in some random values for the fields:
 UDK field: hex representation of a 16 byte key value like -> 11223344556677888877665544332211

click "Connect" and watch the utility personalize the card with this data:
When Response APDU ends with 9000, this means that the card is successfully personalized. New card created is also reflected in your account in the portal by logging into
Expand the mobile app by clicking the triangle should show the new card like this:

Close the Administer Card window.  The main AdminApi Consol window should look something like this, make note of the Card ID:

and, click on Get App Credential and make note of all 4 values:

Now getting all relevant values from above, I'm ready to build my simple mobile application:

Card ID:  5901
Mobiel App Consumer Key:  oJmqoey7I97FBOZQDXoH0A9RbM7BciXbD8CHZDMU
Mobile App Consumer Secret:  ugTD5dGjBUEC1pyzxjMNtw6k9TUocGtY4plta9he
Wallet Access Token:  O15F4jG3PcwC44NpkfEqv1ZD7tjNo5NhGpHHFEax
Wallet Token Secret:  Ur504iPQn2lxgsS5fVBycf2zK9uuSglppvn2mBa3
Hash value:  aa4185c2364048447a38aa02499a9897

Launch SimplestTapp app located in you mobile SDK download:

Eclipse launch:
After you have unpacked the mobile SDK,  cd into the MobileSdk/SimplestTapp directory. 
execute ./gradlew clean build
then  ./gradlew eclipse

This will prep the project for being imported into eclipse.
when this is completed open eclipse and import the android project to the IDE.

Edit the file in the IDE and put your values into this part of the code:

The application is now ready to run and test. When the app runs, it will automatically load in your card and prepare card to be ready to tap.The screen will look
like this:

Displayed in the logs is the message "Ready to Tap" which indicated your phone to a reader to make a payment.
You app will successfully interact with an NFC point of sale terminal.