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Install and Test Applet with Cloud Secure Element

After successful creation and testing of your applet and agent, package up the .jar files you will need for the website:

From the Issuer SDK directory:

> gradlew clean build

The .jar files you will need will be in:

  • CardApplet\build\libs\CardApplet.jar
  • CardAgent\build\libs\CardAgent.jar


Now publish these card jar files to your issuer portal

Step 1 - Enter Profile - Expand the issuer profile in the portal.

Step 2 - Add Brand - Click the "Add Brand" button on the lower right.

Step 3 - Name New Credential - Input a name for your new card credential brand.

Step 4 - Upload a Logo - Create or select a 64x64 .png logo for the card brand.

Step 5 - Assign a URL - Input a URL for applying for this card credential in the "acquire card URL" field. For example:

Step 6 - Give it a Version - Input a version for the applet version field.

Step 7 - Load the Applet and Agent Files - Select the files above to be used for the "Applet Jar" and "Agent Jar" respectively.

Step 8 - Create Brand - Click the "Create Brand" button.

Step 9 - Explore New Brand - Now expand your newly created card credential brand.

Step 10 - Test - Click the "Create Test Card" link to automatically generate a live test card credential.

The data created can be used with the STBridge utility for running gpjNG scripts.

Now Complete The card credential is now published and available for mobile applications to use.