Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Overview

  • Step by step process to create your first Tapp and Pay enable application
  • Step by step process loading your applications with the appropriate key and secret
  • Overview of how to use the Mobile SDK

Who Benefits from Using Remote Credential?


1. Scalability - Having the ability to scale in the mobile environment is critical to meeting the demands of a mobile customer.

2. Stickiness - Consumers that employ three or more services from a single financial institution are 80% less likely to change.

3. Control - Maintaining control over your mobile footprint is critical to your marketing strategies. In addition, controlling the points of contact with a customer allows a bank to more efficiently manage their message across multiple marketing channels.

4. Cost - By not relying on physical hardware a bank is able to reduce the cost it takes to participate in the mobile payments market.

5. Simplicity - Making it easy to use and manage is a staple to our architecture.


1. Control of User Experience - Keeps the customer within the application experience from search to checkout.

2. Brand - Allows a merchant to maintain their brand across the users mobile experience.

3. Data Ownership - Gives the merchant the ability to maintain exclusive ownership of their customer data if they are so inclined.


1. Lower Costs - Provides transit authorities with a more cost effective credential life cycle management systems.

2. Real-Time Distribution - Empowers a mobile user base to top up or acquire new transit credentials without waiting in line at a ticket booth or kiosk dispensary.

3. Rider Context - Empowers the transit authority additional opportunities to interact and service their riders.


1. Marketing - Using remote secure credentials allows hotels and resorts to provide real-time offers to their customers before, during and after their visit.

2. Room Access - Allow for a more powerful customer experience by allowing the hotel or resort staff to offer on the go room or event access without requiring the guest to visit the concierges desk or check in counter.

3. Reduced Maintenance - Eliminating keys and plastic cards can provide significant cost savings opportunity when compared to physical locks, plastic cards and the service required to manage both.

Event & Ticketing

1. Distribution - Using remote secure credentials technology allows the digital distribution of secure tickets for events.

2. Marketing - Offers multiple touch points and marketing opportunities to up sell consumers on value added services for events.

3. Logistics - Give event planners and managers the ability to easily manage the flow of entrants into an event by managing their participants via time or payment.

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