STBridge is meant to allow an issuer to connect to a card instance in the SimplyTapp cloud.

it is packaged as an executable jar (STBridge) and can be executed like this:

java -jar STBridge.jar -ck consumer_key -cs consumer_secret -at access_token_to_card -ts access_token_secret [-s jcsh_script_to_run]

Paramater list

-ck the issuer consumer key
-cs the issuer consumer secret
-at the card access token
-ts the card access token secret
-p the port number to run the local service on (optional)
-i the interface to attach to the card (T0 or NFC)
-s the .jcsh script to run
-noshell (do this if you would like to use your own Shell tool to connect to the cloud through JCRemoteTermial)

STBridge uses gpjNG as the shell client unless -noshell is passed.

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