Card Management with Developers Portal

The following document offers an overview of the SimplyTapp Developers Portal user interface and its functionality.  After reviewing this document you should be able to navigate through the following user actions.

Application Actions

  •        Create an Application,
  •        Assign Application Name,
  •        Assign Application logo,
  •        Assign application Oauth callback,
  •        Manage Device privileges

Card Level Actions

  •        Review Cards presence inside individual application,
  •        Card enable,
  •        Card disable,
  •        Card delete
  •        Generate test cards
  •        Create and Manage card brands

SimplyTapp’s Developer Portal offers a user interface for account management. From the portal you are able to manage various aspects of your HCE solution from a consumer stand point. This UI should be used for card set up and management purposes from a demo prospective. For commercial implementation  he card life cycle management will be handled by STBridge.

Below you will find a walk thru of the Developer Portal. SimplyTapp’s Self Driven Pilot guides you through the process of setting up an account with all the functionality being showcased. Start Pilot 

Home screen

Your home Tab shows your card apps. 

From the home tab you can manage App and

From the home tab you can manage App and Device privileges.

By expanding your individual app you can manage your individual cards on a per app basis. Functions include card deletion, card enabling and card disabling.

Developers Tab

Manage your individual app shown in the Home Tab. 

Issuer Tab

Create and Manage your Issuing Entity 

Create and manage Card Brands.

Create Test cards for specific card brands.